Allan Ware is a chamber musician and soloist who has been entrancing audiences for decades on stages in over 30 countries with his flexible and colorful tone, intelligent interpretations and virtuostic technique. 

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A few critiques:

“....a sensitive tone, supple attacks and an incomparable differentiation of tone colors." FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG

“Ware proved to be an exceptional artist, wowing everyone with the beauty of his playing. He managed to get incredibly soft and delicate tones from his instrument... it was quite a display--glorious music-making with no apparent effort!” SPECTATOR, Raleigh, NC.

“...a grand experience in musical integration. Here was a sensitivity and intensity that one rarely finds, even with the most venerated artists." WESTFÄLISCHE RUNDSCHAU-MÜNSTER

“Carl Maria von Weber’s Quintet (with the Ciompi Quartet) ...was one of those performances to stand up and shout about. The normally staid Durham chamber music crowd did not exactly shout, but demonstrated its enthusiasm by demanding five curtain calls.” DURHAM HERALD

“Allan Ware's mastery of the clarinet, especially the ease with which he sustains long phrases, was magical for the listener." OXFORD PUBLIC LEDGER

"If only music were always such a delight. The listeners were carried away into a dreamy, enchanted garden. One had the feeling that the music must be played just so and in no other way." RHEINNECKAR ZEITUNG - HEIDELBERG

"It was a joy to hear the spontaneity of this music-making. The undeniably perfect technique was coupled with, and served the musical expression." KÖLNER RUNDSCHAU - COLOGNE

"Allan Ware's playing was captivating because of the astounding breadth of diversity in its nuances. His absolute command of the instrument combined with a dependable and powerful tone served him well in his interpretation, which was both sensitive and rich in detail." WESTDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG - DÜSSELDORF

"Allan Ware played the Mozart Clarinet Concerto with an impressive technique and a concentrated, mellow tone. The richness of the tone with which he mastered the diverse sound-possibilities of the clarinet was most effective." NEUE OSNABRÜCKER ZEITUNG


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