While most clarinetists works from of the vast repertoire for clarinet and piano as extended etudes as a part of their studies, Allan Ware and Wolfgang Mechsner have made it their goal to interpret these works with their full attention. The success of this untertaking has been repeatedly proven through excellent critiques and exhuberant audience response. Witty and informative verbal descriptions during the concerts make the pieces come alive for the listeners.

About Wolfgang Mechsner


Program Suggestions


A Trip around the World (and through Time)


Alexander Tscherepnin Sonate in einem Satz (1939)


Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco – 1. Satz aus der Sonata, op. 128


Carl Loewe – 2 Sätze aus Schottische Bilder, op. 112


Francis Poulenc Sonata (1962) “ à la mémoire d'Artur Honegger"


Ralph Vaughan-Williams –2 Sätze aus Six Studies in English Folk Songs


Leó Weiner - Peregi Verbunk (Werbungstanz)

Puerto Rico

Roberto Sierra – 2 Sätze aus Cinco Bocetos (Fünf Skizzen) (1984)


Leonard Bernstein Sonata "for David Oppenheim" (194142)


German-French Virtuosity

Norbert Burgmüller ‑- Duo, op. 15 in Es‑-dur

Claude Debussy ‑- Première Rhapsodie

Charles Camille Saint‑-Saëns ‑- Sonate op.

Francois Devienne ‑- Sonate

Carl Maria von Weber ‑- Grand Duo Concertante, op. 48


International Meeting with Fireworks

Claude Debussy ‑- Première Rhapsodie

Niels Gade ‑- Fantasiestücke, op. 43

Gioachino Rossini ‑- Introduktion, Thema und Variationen

LEÓ WEINER - Peregi Verbunk

Carl Reinecke - Sonate, „Undine“, op. 167*

*Oder anstatt Reinecke eine der Brahms-Sonaten Op. 120


Classical, Romantic and Modern German

Deutsche Klassik, Romantik, Moderne

Wanhal - Sonate

Hindemith - Sonate

Alban Berg - Vier Stücke

Brahms - Sonate f-moll


International Mix

Honegger - Sonatine

Strawinski - Drei Stücke

Martinu - Sonatina

Schumann - Fantasiestücke

Weber - Gran Duo Concertante


From France

Milhaud - Duo Concertante

Saints-Saens - Sonate

Debussy - Premiére Rhapsodie

Messiaen - Abyss of the Birds (Solo clarinet)

Poulenc - Sonate


International Mix II

Gade - Fantasiestücke

Lutoslawski - Five Dance Preludes

Burgmüller - Duo in Es-dur

Brahms - Sonate Es-dur


Women Composers

Jacqueline Fontyn - Mime II

Ilse Fromm-Michaels - Stimmungen eines Faunes (solo clarinet)

Elisabeth Lutyens - Five Little Pieces

Violetta Dinescu - Satya IV

Elisabeth Maconchy - Fantasia

Marie Elisabeth von Sachsen-Meiningen - Romanze


Wolfgang Mechsner

is a multi-faceted musician. He is not only an experienced chamber musician and Lied accompanist in the classical realm, he also applies himself intensely to jazz. In addition he is the author of books on musicological and pedagogical subjects.

He was born in Dortmund, and studied piano and pedagogy with Prof. Gregor Weichert at the Institut Münster of the Northwest German Music Academy Detmold.

He studied further with Conrad Hansen in Hamburg. After teaching piano majors at the City Conservatory of Osnabrück he started teaching piano majors, applied piano and music theory at the “Hochschule” (Conservatory) in Vechta. He was named a full professor there in 2008.  He teaches jazz piano at the Conservatory in Osnabrück.

In addition to his teaching, Wolfgang Mechsner performs concerts as a chamber musician and as a soloist. With the Saint-Clair Trio (with whom he recorde the CD “Songs of Innocence”) he has played numerous in Germany and other countries (USA, Albania).

As pianist with the Remarque-Trios (Piano Trio) plays regularly on the chamber music series of the Osnabrück Opera House.

With the Jazz Duo CrossoverPiano he has performed in Germany and in Holland, including a nationwide broadcast in Holland of the „Concertsender Amsterdam“.

In 2008 Wolfgang Mechsner founded the Jazz-Trio “Unicombo” in Vechta.

As an author Wolfgang Mechsner has written a biography of the composer Wilhelm Petersen (Frankfurt 1996) and the teaching manual „Spielen und Begleiten” (Playing and Accompanying” (Darmstadt 2002) about spontaneous accompanying of songs and the first steps to jazz improvisation. This book is in its third printing.


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Duo Allan Ware-

Wolfgang Mechsner

(Clarinet and Piano)

Foto: Ella Welsch